God is the gardener, the caretaker of the earth. Psalm 65:9

You visit the earth and water it abundantly, enriching it greatly.
God’s stream is filled with water, for you prepare the earth in this way,
providing people with grain.
-Psalm 65:9

God is the gardener, the caretaker of the earth.
He has a stream that nourishes it.
Daily bread is from God, sustenance and life.
Christ is the bread that came down from heaven.
God gives life and nourishment.
He visits at times and in seasons with abundant water that creates a rich harvest.

God's streams are living waters that cleanse, purify and empower.
Just like farmers, we need water, we are dependent on it to have a crop.
In the church, God is our irrigator. 
We must have God's water, to have life, and growth, healing, cleansing, empowering.

In seasons, God sends abundant showers that exceed the need to keep the inside of the church going, that fall outside the walls of the church, that affect everyone. 
The drenching even causes church members and leaders who were not saved to become saved.

Renewal and refreshing is what happens to believers. 
Restoring and reviving of the first love faith that had become cold, stale, and tired is the experience of many.

Abundant rain means harvest.
Mass awakening means evangelism and making disciples is the believers job now.
Abundant rain is out of our control. Unlike opening a tap.
It takes over and we move with it. Nothing can stop it or control it.
Like a wave in the ocean, you can enjoy it, or it can knock you down.
After the rain, comes the streams.
Flowing, moving water, is fresh and nourishing.
Bow low and drink deep, said a wise old man.

Streams in the desert.
Let the water do it's work.
Fresh, moving streams means something new and fresh.

Don't be offended.
New wine requires new wine-skins.
The old container won't hold this.
Structures must change.

This will be like a flood, or earthquake except it's spiritual.
We will talk about the time before and after it.

Like a cataclysm, after it, things are not the same. 
But this is a positive thing.

The abundant rain will be a boon, a blessing, miracles, rags-to-riches changed lives, good fortune, happiness.

What God is doing is a global reset.
Saving nations.
Kingdom come.