Psalm 47 is about the kingdom of God

Clap your hands, all you peoples;
shout to God with a jubilant cry.
For the Lord, the Most High, is awe-inspiring,
a great King over the whole earth.
He subdues peoples under us
and nations under our feet.
He chooses for us our inheritance—
the pride of Jacob, whom he loves.

God ascends among shouts of joy,
the Lord, with the sound of trumpets.
Sing praise to God, sing praise;
sing praise to our King, sing praise!
Sing a song of wisdom,
for God is King of the whole earth.

God reigns over the nations;
God is seated on his holy throne.
The nobles of the peoples have assembled
with the people of the God of Abraham.
For the leaders of the earth belong to God;
he is greatly exalted.
-Psalm 47

Psalm 47 is about the kingdom of God.

This is a word-cloud of Psalm 47, from 10 translations.  God, sing, praise, people, earth, king, nations, and lord were the most common words, in descending order.
Psalm 47 says that God is taking over the earth and that the nations and their leaders will worship him.
Some scholars believe that this must mean that this psalm is about the second coming and the final victories of the Lord.

It is actually about now, "His-story".

There are popular teachings that say things are going to get worse and worse, but the Bible actually teaches that things get better, even as some things seem to get worse, and that God is actually winning.

Psalm 47 is not just about past and future victories, but God's war plan now. The kingdom of God has been taking over the earth and God is not through.

Things are getting better and that is why evil is manifesting and showing itself.

Evil that mainly works in the dark or hidden is not happy to be in the light and acts up. But when exposed and furiously fighting, it is actually losing and in a greatly weakened state and about to be throttled back to zero.

Evil has been and will be exposed and will seem to have increased overnight, but it is just the exposure. We are worshiping God who's kingdom is taking over the earth.

Nations are being saved and new leaders who honor God are arising.

The church will be glorious and powerful as the bride she is meant to be, with combat boots, while she is still on earth.

Optimism will be our motto.