Sky Links, 10-12-19

Media says NO PROOF of Joe Biden wrongdoing? China, Ukraine, Burisma, Missing Money Show Otherwise
-Glenn Beck

PBS News Judy Woodruff recently said there's no proof of Joe Biden wrongdoing. But everything in Ukraine points in a different direction. First, WHY was his son appointed to the board of Ukraine's oil and gas company, Burisma, when he had little to offer the industry? WHY did Biden push so hard to fire the Ukrainian official investigating Hunter Biden? WHY were huge sums of money coming in from random Swiss bank accounts? WHERE did the missing money -- 1.8 billion dollars -- disappear to, that Biden pledged would be used for Ukraine? WHY are there even more hints of wrongdoing in China, as well? And most importantly, WHY does the media have such a lack of curiosity in answering these questions? Author Peter Schweizer answers all these questions, and more.

UKRAINE OFFICIALS CAN'T GET VISAS: Ambassador Yovanovitch blocks entry for Trump investigation
-Glenn Beck

John Solomon breaks down the timeline: starting last year, several Ukraine officials working under former Prosecutor General Lutsenko raised alarms concerning the conduct of US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. They say not only was she meddling in Ukraine domestic affairs, trying to control who the government there could and couldn't prosecute, but that Joe Biden was also up to something fishy concerning his son, Hunter, and Burisma. They tried to bring it to the attention of American politicians, but could never get the visas they needed to travel to America. Why? You guessed it...Yovanovitch blocked their visa applications from ever going further than her desk. And this all happened BEFORE Giuliani ever touched ground there.  

 Jim Cramer: It looks like Trump's trade strategy is working

The U.S. can hurt the Chinese economy more than they can hurt ours and President Donald Trump's cards are working in his favor, Jim Cramer says.

Out Of Left Field: Communism Sucks!!! Who Knew?
-Nick Kangadis

After communist China gave the NBA a timeout following Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey's now-deleted tweet supporting the Hong Kong protesters, some NBA notable either profusely apologized to China or stayed silent in order to no upset the authoritarian state. After all, China gives the NBA $300 million a year to broadcast its games.
China has continued to act like the communist bully they are and have been for the last 70 years by, now, reportedly banning NBA games, among other punishments for those that would dare speak against the country.

Steve Bannon on trade, 2020 and Ukraine probe

Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist, joins "Squawk Box" from Athens, Greece to discuss the latest on the China trade war, the 2020 Democratic primary, the impeachment inquiry and more.

UK Doctor Who Wouldn't Call Biological Man a 'Woman' Loses Job AND Court Appeal

-Gardner Goldsmith

A story of a family made from foster care

The Brydges family, of Florida, adopted Dalton and Dawson from foster care with the support of Rachel Adler, a Wendy's Wonderful Kids adoption recruiter. Rachel did all she could to find the boys their forever family. "To me, family is so important," she shared. "And to know that there are kids who don't have that and might not have the chance to have that...I thought how awesome that I get to do that work."

Conversations on Open Adoption, part 2 

“How does that work?”
“Won’t that be hard when they get older?”
“Aren’t you afraid the birth mom will want her child back?”
In the context of domestic infant adoption, open and semi-open adoptions are becoming more of the norm for birth parents and adoptive families these days. There's not a step-by-step guide on how to do it. But it can be helpful to hear how people are navigating this unique family relationship.
Watch the next conversation in our three-part series on open adoption between Brindan and Jen.

Healing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
-Praying Medic

My notes on how to pray for healing trauma, from Dave's talk above:

  1. Tell your story that causes you pain.
  2. What is the strongest emotion you are feeling?
  3. Pray, “Jesus, I ask you to take this emotion from me.”
  4. Ask Jesus to heal the wound in your soul.
  5. Tell Jesus, “I receive your healing.”
  6. Rehearse the story again.
  7. Now, what is the strongest emotion you are feeling?
  8. Give that emotion to Jesus: Ask him to take it from you.
  9. Ask Him to heal the wound in your soul.
  10. Thank him for healing you.
  11. Rehearse the story a 3rd time.
  12. Strongest emotion? 
  13. Repeat steps 3-5
  14. Or, if, “nothing”, no more negative emotions are plaguing you?
  15. You are healed.

Start over with the next traumatic story.
If you are the counselor, you can recount the story the 2nd or 3rd time and ask, “what’s your emotion or what are you feeling?”

Trump did not betray the Kurds
-Caroline Glick

The near consensus view of President Donald Trump’s decision to remove US special forces from the Syrian border with Turkey is that Trump is enabling a Turkish invasion and double crossing the Syrian Kurds who have fought with the Americans for five years against ISIS. Trump’s move, the thinking goes, harms US credibility and undermines US power in the region and throughout the world.
There are several problems with this narrative. The first is that it assumes that until this week, the US had power and influence in Syria when in fact, by design, the US went to great lengths to limit its ability to influence events in Syria.