Better Is One Day, Psalm 84:1

For the choir director: on the Gittith.
A psalm of the sons of Korah.

How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord of Armies.
-Psalm 84:1

The title of Psalm 84
Longing for God’s House
Longing for God
The Joy of Worship
My Soul Longs for the Courts of the Lord

"On the Gittith."

Sweeter than the joy of the wine press, is the joy of the holy assemblies of the Lord's house.

Derived from Gath, a "wine-press," denotes a tune (used in connection with gathering the vintage) of a joyous character. This same prefix also precedes Ps. 8 and 81.

Psalms 8, 81, and 84 are Wine Harvest Psalms.

A song anticipating the harvest: Lord who has all the power: How beautiful is the home you are making in your people that you love.
-Psalm 84:1

Harvesting the grapes is a happy occasion of thankfulness for the grapes that have grown well throughout the spring and summer, with joyous anticipation of the supply of wine to come.
We sing about longing for God's house, longing to be with God, while we take joy in the grape harvest and get ready to make wine.


It matters little when this Psalm was written, or by whom; for our part it exhales to us a Davidic perfume, it smells of the mountain heather and the lone places of the wilderness, where King David must have often lodged during his many wars.
This sacred ode is one of the choicest of the collection... to be called The Pearl of Psalms. If the 23rd be the most popular, the 103rd the most joyful, the 119th the most deeply experimental, the 51st the most plaintive, this is one of the most sweet of the Psalms of Peace.

Psalm 84 is a psalm of the sons of Korah.

Thomas Pierson (1570-1633)

Here note: that the sons, that is, the posterity of wicked and rebellious Korah (Numbers 16), have an honourable place in God's sacred and solemn service: for to them sundry of David's psalms are commended.

How lovely is your dwelling place,

Lord of Armies.

How lovely is your dwelling place,
Lord of Armies.
-Psalm 84:1

What is the dwelling place here?

The Temple?

The Tabernacle?

Or is it the people?

We are the sanctuaries of his presence, the houses of God.

Lovely: beloved, dearly loved, precious, cherished, treasured, esteemed.

Life is a journey to becoming God's house. We neither have to wait till we go to heaven, nor do we need to go to a place to meet God. He is always waiting for us to live with him in our lives.

How lovely is your dwelling place,
Lord of Armies.
-Psalm 84:1

Life is about knowing God, who is beautiful, magnificent, all powerful, king over me, my master, and my loving father. We are preoccupied with thoughts about and desire for God. When will I see him? How to be loved?

How amiable are thy tabernacles, O Lord of hosts!
-Psalm 84:1 (KJV)


I. Why called Tabernacles? To include

1. the holiest of all;

2. The holy place;

3. The court and precincts of the Tabernacle. "Amiable" is predicated of these. The courts amiable - the holy place more amiable - the holiest of all most amiable.

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II. Why called the Tabernacles of the Lord of hosts? To denote

1. Its connection with the boundless universe;

2. Its distinction from it. Present everywhere where God is peculiarly present here.

III. Why called amiable?
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1. Because of the character in which God dwells here. Is condescension amiable? Is love? Is mercy? Is grace? These are displayed here.

2. Because of the purpose for which he resides here. To save sinners; to comfort saints.

How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord of Armies.
-Psalm 84:1