Shephatiah - God Has Judged

Shephatiah’s descendants, 372.
-Ezra 2:4


"Yah has judged". (Strongs)

שְׁפַטְיָה(וּׅ proper name, masculine (׳י judged, vindicated); — usu, Σαφατια(ς):

chiefs of families of restoration:-1 Ezra 2:4 = Nehemiah 7:9; Ezra 8:8; -2 Ezra 2:57 = e. Benjamite 1 Chronicles 9:8.  (Brown-Driver-Briggs)

I saw this word on justice, by Lorilei Cooley, shared with me by my friend Laura Sun:

Where the enemy thought he could cross boundaries and borders. I saw a dividing line being drawn. It was no more and that he can no longer come and try to stop what the Lord was leading many into. It was a divine finality, an ending and a complete closure to a thing.
The Lord is re-establishing you not just in your mantle, but the anointing, the position and the authority that you carry. As this was happening, there were sudden turnarounds and the vindication and justice many had been waiting for was beginning to take shape and form. There was a shifting into 'You will now see the tangible justice' of the Lord. The repayment of the Lord that is coming upon many is so weighty that the manifestation of the repayment would be so explosive that many would be left bewildered at how the Lord did it. I felt as this was happening that it would not only begin to trickle in, but I felt the Lord saying it would only be the beginning of the justice and repayment that He was releasing.

I heard the Lord say, "Where the enemy stolen, destroyed, and devoured. I have come and caught the enemy by my mighty hand and he must now repay. There is no escaping the power of my hand. I am accelerating the vindication and justice over your life where I will demonstrate Isaiah 61:8. You will be left in wide eye wonder at the manifestation of my justice and the vindication that I am bringing into your life will be magnanimous. As I will do what only I the Lord can do. The justice and vindication that I am bringing will be unlike you have experienced before. As many will see the vindication and justice over your life many will know that the Lord your God is surely with you. For the fight belongs to me. The things that been against you and seemed that it would never change. Those things are now crumbling. The tables have turned and will continue to turn as I continue to move powerfully in your life. You will see how much I am for you and how I have been with you. For this day the Egyptians you see today you will see no more. For I will demonstrate my power as I did with the Israelite's when Pharaoh drowned in the red sea. What I did then I will do it again. You will see Pharaoh fall and defeated. For I am the Lord your God your mighty defender and conqueror!
Isaiah 61:8 "“For I, the LORD, love justice. I hate robbery and wrongdoing. I will faithfully reward my people for their suffering and make an everlasting covenant with them."
There are some things that are set in motion to manifest that are 'due' to manifest. What is coming to pass and coming through is only by the Lord's hand and His doing!