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'Jesus Is Lord, Every Knee Shall Bow': Prophetic Minister Says Kanye's 'Sunday Service' Just Might Change the World
-Shawn Bolz

Kanye himself sang over and over: "Jesus is Lord, every knee shall bow, every tongue confess, Jesus is Lord." And invited his adorable daughter on stage to sing with him who repeated. "LA put your hands up this is our final song!"
Witnessing firsthand that Kanye really does love Jesus was a phenomenon. It wasn't just words, it was real to him. Knowing that he is in an industry that literally is adversarial to Christianity in many ways made us really want to pray for him even more. He is at the beginning of his journey and it can go many ways depending on who he gives access to. He needs spiritual mentors and fathers, but thank God some of the team we met who are around him are great spiritual voices. Ultimately, he has a lot to grow through and he is so public with friends who have the exact opposite values as he is embracing that I want to encourage you to also pray for him. Pray that God sends discipleship to him and through him because, if Kanye gets his faith right, he will do what he has told the world he wants to do: Evangelize the nations.

A Power Point on Biblical Eldership 
-Dave Black

Here I inquire as to whether the concept of "first among equals" (primus inter pares) is biblical, drawing heavily from Strauch's classic work.

Casualty of Conscience: Out of Integrity A Pastor/Leader at Willow Creek Community Church Is Leaving
-James Bedell

But the truth is that the current leadership of WCCC has been confronted by many with their duty to protect the internal integrity of the body of Christ, and they have largely minimized or ignored the truth. It has become apparent to me and others who have attempted to hold WCCC accountable, that they have engaged in a strategy that can be characterized as “weathering the storm”. They are essentially ignoring all challenges brought to them that have asked them to deal with the sin in the church in an honest and forthright way. They are using  an atritional strategy, that involves the leadership “sort of” listening, acting like they agree, but then essentially ignoring and not addressing the truth in any real way. It is a passive resistant organizational strategy. The underlying goal, it appears, is that with time, the intensity of the concerns of those critics that are trying to hold WCCC to a truly Biblical standard of accountability, will wither and die. The critics in time will start to realize that they fundamentally are ignored, and will lose energy to continue the fight for truth. (Disillusionment)
The  confusion that we critics feel is due to the fact  that we assume that we are sharing a common view with the leadership of WCCC of what the church is and what it should do . That is not true. The current elders were immersed in the culture of WCCC, and so for them, focusing on the image and programmatic elements of the church is more important than focusing on the deep integrity issues of those in leadership. There is a lack of congruity between the concerns of the critics, and the values of the WCCC leadership. That is why it appears that  they are ignoring the concerns of the critics, and why there seems to be a lack of a serious and broken response by WCCC leadership to what has happened. 

Virtue Signaling
-James Brtholomew

12 Examples of Virtue Signaling-Anna Mar

  1. Persuasion
  2. Hypocrisy
  3. Conspicuous Conversation
  4. Slaktivism
  5. Self-Righteousness
  6. Radical Chic
  7. Greenwashing
  8. Sharewashing
  9. Political Correctness
  10. Groupthink
  11. Social Desirability Bias
  12. Tribalism

His Girl Friday poster.jpg

The Critics Corner: His Girl Friday
-Frank Miller & Jeff Stafford

"His Girl Friday is one of the very few screwball comedies that actually merits the label 'satire,' for unlike most others, this satire has an object -- journalism as practiced in the United States -- its tone is openly derisive." -- Ed Sikov, Screwball: Hollywood's Madcap Romantic Comedies."
"Perhaps the funniest, certainly the fastest talkie comedy ever made...Charles Lederer's frantic script needs to be heard at least a dozen times for all the gags to be caught; Russell's Hildy more than equals Burns in cunning and speed, and Hawks transcends the play's stage origins effortlessly, framing with brilliance, conducting numerous conversations simultaneously, and even allowing the film's political and emotional thrust to remain upfront alongside the laughs. Quite simply a masterpiece." - Geoff Andrew, TimeOut Film Guide.

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Is Suicide an Unforgivable Sin?
-Lesli White

Many Christians wonder if a friend or loved one commits suicide, are they still saved. It is a sad reality that some Christians have and will commit suicide. Another heart-breaking tragedy is the false teaching that committing suicide automatically sends you to hell. Because of this, many believe that a Christian who commits suicide will not be saved. The truth is, this teaching is not supported in the Bible. Suicide is never God’s Will and is always a tragedy, but it is not the unpardonable sin.

3 Things Christians Do That Non-Christians Despise
-Carey Nieuwhof

Spend two minutes talking to almost anyone outside the Christian faith and you’re almost certain to hear a list of complaints they have about Christians.
The problem has been around awhile.  As Mahatma Gandhi famously (and sadly) said: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
He’s not alone.
The problem with many non-Christians isn’t that they don’t know any Christians. The challenge is they do.
So what gives?

Rep. Devin Nunes: Spygate is Greatest Political Scandal in Modern US History—And He’s Still Investigating
-Jan Jekielek

When did the FBI investigation into the Trump presidential campaign begin? Was Congress properly briefed at the time?
Just what exactly are the “protodossiers,” and how did they contribute to the development of the now-infamous Steele dossier?
What parallels are there between the Spygate scandal and the current Trump impeachment inquiry, and what is the role of the media in all this?
This is American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸, and I’m Jan Jekielek.
Today we sit down with U.S. Congressman Devin Nunes, Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and past committee Chairman.
He heads “Objective Medusa,” the committee’s investigation into the Spygate scandal that yielded the Nunes Memo, an investigation that continues to this day.

Survival Learnings From A California Fire EvacueeThey universally apply to any unexpected emergency
-Adam Taggart

Reality Rule #1: You Will Be Caught By Surprise
Reality Rule #2: Things Will Happen Faster Than You’re Ready For
Reality Rule #3: You Will Make Mistakes
Reality Rule #4: When Stressed, All You Care About Is People & Pets