SoulTalk by Larry Crabb

Reading Summary for the book, Soul Talk: The Language God Longs For Us to Speak, by Larry Crabb ...
This is what SoulTalk is about, according to readers on Good Reads:
I really enjoyed this book. The discussions and reflections suggested about how to really talk to people in a way that helps them to develop a passionate and more intimate relationship first with God before anyone else is inspirational. This is a book I would highly recommend everyone read it is a wealth of knowledge.
Big idea: anything, even good things like wanting to make life work out, that get before our appetite to commune with the Trinity is what causes us to struggle in life.
How to shut your mouth and open your heart. I don't think that I could learn any how-to steps here. This book shows us why giving heartfelt advice is ineffective. It's a confirmation to me that all of those safe answers that I grew up with are Band-Aids. The purpose in listening is to encourage courage in others in their quest to seek God with ALL their heart, strength and mind.
Some things I've heard Larry say, that relate to the whole idea of Soul Talk:

"Nothing is as boring, as the answer to a question, that no one is asking"
-Peter Kreeft

"O soul, created for greatness, and summoned to it."
-Saint John of The Cross

"We can't all do great things, but be can do things greatly."
-Mother Theresa