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American COUP: How James Comey and The Deep State Tried To Overthrow Our Republic

As the true story behind the Michael Flynn emerges, it appears that the FBI falsified reports, withheld evidence and bullied a 33 year military veteran and his family in order to protect the deep state.

Fred Fleitz: “Bombshells” in Unreleased House Intel Committee Report & New Flynn Docs | Spygate

Through the eyes of a former National Security Council Chief of Staff, what do the newly unsealed documents in the General Michael Flynn court case reveal?
Could it be that there’s an unpublished House Intelligence Committee report full of “bombshells” stuck at the CIA since 2018, one that challenges the conclusions of the Intelligence Community Assessment?
What is the significance of President Trump’s appointment of Richard Grenell as Acting Director of National Intelligence?
In this episode, we sit down with Fred Fleitz, President and CEO of the Center for Security Policy. He previously served as a Deputy Assistant to President Trump and Chief of Staff to National Security Adviser John Bolton.
-Jan Jekielek

Spygate Revelations From Unsealed Flynn Docs; Flynn Exonerated?—Lee Smith | American Thought Leader

Just what do the newly unsealed General Michael Flynn case documents actually reveal?
Are they really “bombshells?” Do they exonerate Flynn, President Trump’s former national security advisor?
And, was the Steele dossier really a product of Russian disinformation, as some are alleging, with Sergei Millian playing a role?
In this episode, we sit down with investigative journalist Lee Smith, author of “The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History.”
-Jan Jekielek. 

The Winds of Change
-Rick Joyner

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the capital of Marxism moved to China. The Chinese leadership has a much longer-term vision than the Soviet Union did. Instead of continual confrontation with the West seeking a quick advantage and victory, the Chinese had a strategy of gradually wearing down America with constant conflicts with their proxies. At the same time, they worked at taking over our industries and manufacturing, stealing our technology and intellectual property until they displaced America as the dominant Economic power. It was an effective strategy that was very close to shifting the world’s Economic poles until the election of 2016.

Another basic Military principle is that to win in battle or war you must seize the initiative and keep it. If you have the initiative your foe must react to you, and so you control the battle. It is right to hope and pray for nations to be able to trade without entering into an Economic War, and most do. However, when one has a doctrine of world domination we must understand it and learn to decisively counter it.

When the Chinese began to allow some basic free market principles into their economy, and gradually opened up to the West, they enjoyed immediate and explosive Economic growth. The nations came running to the opportunity of such a huge market and believed that with their new-found prosperity, the Chinese government would drop its ultimate goal of world domination. That will not happen as long as they have a Marxist government.

Karl Marx himself stated that it was not possible for his theory of government and economy to work if there was even a single free market economy left. That may have been the one true thing Marx believed.

It was free market fundamentals that so powerfully turned China into the Economic powerhouse it became, not Marxism. Yet they are still trying to keep their Marxist doctrine too, and this cannot last much longer. Even so, they brilliantly started taking Economic initiative, and shrewdly outmaneuvered America and the other free market nations in virtually every trade agreement. This had to seem like the fulfillment of Lenin’s prediction that the capitalists would pay for the rope the Marxists would hang them on.

The Chinese long-term strategy for world Economic dominance, followed by Political and Military dominance, was working beautifully until the Trump Administration took office. An immediate and bold push back began, and this quickly revealed the economic and social fault lines in China created by trying to mix free market principles with Marxist totalitarian control.

President Trump built the core of his Administration with smart, accomplished business leaders. His Administration understood the Economic battlefield better than any American Administration in history. They used powerful Economic weapons such as tariffs and sanctions against all of our Political and Military opponents, and against our chief Economic challenge, China. By these moves, America quickly reacquired the initiative in the Economic World War—until the coronavirus pandemic.

A first principle in intelligence analysis is that to understand a cause, you first look at its effect. As America began to retake the Economic initiative, the Chinese became increasingly threatened, especially as their own internal problems surfaced. The coronavirus pandemic, which could also be called the coronavirus panic, crippled the free world economies like nothing has since the Great Depression, and China sought immediately to recapture the initiative.

Marxism is contrary to basic human nature and cannot work without totalitarian control. Above anything else, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is about control. When they start losing control, they start becoming desperate and aggressive. Those who know the nature of the CCP were expecting a desperate move on their part, such as an attack on their nemesis Taiwan, but the world was caught off guard by the coronavirus.

It’s still being debated whether the coronavirus was released intentionally or by accident, and convincing arguments are still being made on both sides of this. Whether it originated in their biolab in Wuhan, where there is clear evidence it was being engineered, or naturally, is really not that important at this point because of one indisputable fact: China did engineer its circulation around the world. The Chinese government did this by closing off Wuhan and its province from any travel to the rest of China, but continued allowing international travel to and from Wuhan to the rest of the world.

In the few weeks when this was happening, it is estimated that from a million and a half to as many as five million potential carriers of the coronavirus went to the nations, especially to northern Italy, Spain, and the U.S. One would have to be incoherently naïve to consider this not to have been an intentional spreading of this virus to the world.

This action was nothing less than the release of a Bio/Economic Weapon of Mass Destruction on the world. Within just a few weeks, the U.S. had suffered over fifteen times more casualties from this than it did from the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor or the terrorist attacks on 9-11. The cost in economic devastation wrought by this is already in the multiplied trillions of dollars, and still rising.

There is an increasing chorus of nations demanding that China must pay for this. Bills have been submitted in Congress to allow China to be sued by victims. One state has already filed a lawsuit, and there will no doubt be many more.

The biggest question now is if the CCP is going to continue on this desperate and dangerous strategy, which will make it an increasing threat to become a Military conflict. Or will they embrace the change that would have them relax their totalitarian world control ambitions and rebuild the trust of the world after this unprecedented crime against humanity?

At this writing, there is no sign of a change of direction by the CCP, but rather the promulgation of a major disinformation campaign in a ridiculous attempt to blame America for the coronavirus outbreak. We are, therefore, still headed toward a very dangerous conflict with China. As the saying goes, “If you do not change your direction, you will end up where you are headed.” Let us all pray that there is a change of direction.

The true nature of the CCP has now been made manifest to the world. The Chinese people are a remarkable and wise people, but the CCP that holds power over them has not been prone toward humility or taking responsibility for their actions. That is consistent with the core philosophy and doctrine of Marxism.

Marxism took on the nature of Karl Marx. He was called by those who knew him the most despicable person they had ever met. If anyone even questioned one of his theories, he was not satisfied to just reject them, but would scorch the earth if he had to in order to destroy them. To this day Marxist governments are incapable of tolerating dissent. They have repeatedly proven willing to scorch the earth in retaliation for any pushback against their bullying, including killing tens of millions of their own people. Using the coronavirus as they did should not have surprised us, but it did. Now, what is the world going to do about it?

This was a excerpt from The Winds of Change by Rick Joyner

How I Came to Support Trump -Eric Metaxas

Thoughts on RHE, One Year After Her Untimely Death:

Guest Post: Why Conservatives Need to Consider the “Legitimate Grievances” of Rachel Held Evans By Brandon Showalter (Julie Roys)

Her death rattled me deeply. Immediately I became distressed and nearly broke down crying. Upon sharing the news with two good friends who were sitting in the back seat of the car, they laid their hands on my shoulder and started praying for me.
You see…I hated Rachel Held Evans. And I mean I absolutely HAAAAATED her. Loathed her. Viscerally. To the point where I physically felt in my body persistent disgust and rage toward her.
In fact, I distinctly remember at one point it got so gnarly that I phoned a good friend and told him that I needed to confess and repent (and I did) because I could not get away from the nagging voice of the Holy Spirit that I had crossed a dark and scary line in my heart where the contempt I was holding toward a person — who, lest I forget, was made in God’s image and Jesus died for — was rotting my soul. It was that bad. It was ugly. I was countenancing some profane, Pharisaical sin. I’m not proud of it at all.
I still believe that like few others in recent history, through her widely-read blog and other platforms on which she published, RHE paved the way for and furthered some of the most virulent, manipulative deception under the guise of “love” and “inclusion” in the church today. I say this with trembling and no glee whatsoever: In many respects, she was a purveyor of several false teachings that led many astray into aimless and hopelessly cynical deconstructionism. And though I believe she was sincere and had good intentions, the damage she did to small-o orthodox Christian faith was grave and extensive.
But you know what else? She was a voice for many who had been wounded by supposedly “biblically faithful” churches. She poignantly cried out for many disaffected young people who have been abused by pastors that purport to proclaim airtight “sound doctrine.” A good friend for whom I have enormous respect that would sometimes graciously challenge RHE’s writings from an influential platform of her own once told me: “You know, I strongly disagree with Rachel and think her characterizations of certain things are not fair but I do have real sympathy for her because she sure writes like she’s been hurt.”
Rachel was indeed deeply hurt by the church.
Rachel Held Evans experienced deep, DEEP wounds that, though I didn’t know her personally and thus can’t say authoritatively, she seemed to have internalized. Those internalized wounds then informed her worldview. This hurt came from being told to shut up and sit down by a right many Christians. In some ways, she was indeed wronged.

Church in The Round

Bible teaching can happen at the table not just the pulpit
-Michael Frost

Mike writes:
Theologian Letty Russell liked to refer to ‘church in the round’ and she claimed such churches are better able to do the important work of discipleship than larger, more traditional churches. That’s because, as Russell saw it, church in the round fosters deeper conversation, deeper sharing, and deeper learning. She wrote:
“The metaphor of the church as a round table speaks of people gathered around the table and in the world in order to connect faith and life in action/reflection (the round table), work for justice in solidarity with those at the margins of society (the kitchen table), and to welcome everyone as partners in God’s world house (the welcome table).”
So, what would it look like for teachers to lead churches in this way? Let me suggest a few possibilities.
----------------------------- as we do in a highly individualistic culture, we find ourselves thinking of the church as a gathering of individuals. We forget what Edwin Searcy said, that the church is inherently a communal disciple. Teaching is for the church as a single body, rather than to individual circumstances. This is why I’m not a fan of us listening to sermons online. A sermon belongs to a church, not to the preacher. Teaching like this assumes that the gospel for individuals is a call to become a member of the Body of Christ. All teaching in this mode should be designed to build up the congregation (gathered and dispersed) as a disciple of Jesus in its own right.

Decentralization and the Reopening
-Carol King

Oftentimes in crisis or emergencies the power and reach of government increases at a cost to individual freedom. An emergency may call for exceptional measures — but by historical comparison the Trump administration has upended one of the most durable patterns of American politics: the centralization of power to the federal government during national emergencies.
In emergencies, power is usually transferred from Congress to the executive branch.  This time, the federal response has rested on state, local government and private enterprise, with accompanying deregulation to allow private innovative solutions to emerge. The federal government provides leadership. The Trump ad­min­is­tra­tion has seized no new powers, and even though the Democrats have tried to push their own agenda, Congress has stayed involved with the administration on financial relief packages. Diversifying centers of authority to states and governors along the federalist tradition of America can provide resilience and strength in the face of emergencies. This is the route President Trump has followed....
...For the Trump administration, the principle of Federalism reigns supreme. Local conditions will guide reopening. So, while New York will likely be one of the last to loosen restrictions, some states, like Colorado began on April 27, where some retailers resumed business via curbside pickup. In-store sales can resume May 1 with social distancing. One-on-one personal services hair salons, tattoo shops, personal trainers, dog groomers, dental offices and other elective medical services will restart on May 1st.
A further consequence of federalism and the Constitutional principle of individual liberty, is that state legislators and Governors who have seen protests against prolonged restrictions are realizing that it is an error to try and define all things that are forbidden versus permitted in terms of what is essential. How can liquor stores and Marijuana retailers in Denver be allowed, but Easter Sunday Church services are not?
So, contrary to Democrats and media commentators who call for greater use of the Defense Production Act and a comprehensive national directed one size fit all plan, the people coming to the rescue in this emergency are Governors (but certainly not all of them!), Mayors, health care officials, epidemiologists and private enterprise. This is a very different kind of emergency response than we have seen in the last century.