Sky Links, 8-22-20

Only on the brink will we find the will to change

SPYGATE - An Overview of Government Corruption - Viva & Barnes
This is the most mind-boggling primer on how the law is used for government corruption.

The Spies Who Hijacked America
-Steven P. Schrage, PhD 

*Language advisory, in the full article, at the link*

As a doctoral candidate at Cambridge working under "FBI Informant" Stefan Halper, I had a front-row seat for Russiagate

Global scandals now labeled Russiagate, Spygate, and what President Trump calls “Obamagate” shook the political world, but hit me closer to home. I’m the reason the so-called FBI “spy” at the center of Spygate, Stefan Halper, met Carter Page, the alleged “Russian Asset” in Russiagate’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation. 

On May 19, 2018, this realization blindsided me in London as I was about to fly out for my wedding. The New York Times, NBC News and other sources had outed my PhD supervisor, Stefan Halper, as a spy known to the UK’s MI6 intelligence service as “The Walrus.”

It didn’t seem real. Could a former professor I once trusted as a mentor have betrayed his word, profession, and country to start these disasters? I had moved to England to pursue an academic career and leave DC’s politics behind, only to have my PhD supervisor throw me back into the most outrageous political firestorms I could imagine. Just my luck. Then an even worse question began nagging at me. Did I unintentionally light the match that started it all?

A Liberal for Trump
-Keri Smith

I am a liberal who is voting for Trump because I am deeply worried about the state of our country and about the erosion of cultural values like free speech, equality, the non-aggression principle, reason, logic, objectivity and individualism. I am a liberal who is voting for Donald Trump because I OPPOSE racism and sexism, and I see that my old party, the Democratic party, has been entirely eaten up with cancerous racist and sexist beliefs. A mind-virus that threatens to make monsters of men and to end civilization as we know it.
I am a liberal who is voting for Trump, because despite the names I will be called, and the friends I have lost and will lose, I believe he is the person running who has demonstrated the most commitment to ending war, the most commitment to individualism and equality, the most commitment to free speech. In short, I am a liberal who is voting for Trump because I think he is the most liberal of the candidates I can choose from. And let me say a word about others like me who are a part of #WalkAway, and those I’ve been blessed to get to know in the past year or so — nobody willingly subjects themselves to social ostracism, to name-calling and insults, to risk of losing their job, to risk of losing their family’s safety — without GOOD reason. And that reason is a pursuit of truth.

Therapist David Pickup On People Who Seek To Change Their Same-sex Attractions Despite Opposition
-Eric Metaxas  
Licensed marriage and family therapist David Pickup talks about how people who are seeking to change their same-sex attraction are being thwarted in their efforts by far-left cultural and political forces.

Free To Love, Reintegrative Therapy
Does sexuality change? How and why? Free to Love is a documentary that delves into the lives of four men in their search for sexual authenticity. In a world that promotes sexual freedom, except when it comes to those seeking to leave homosexuality, this eye-opening film explores the cultural, political, and personal contradictions that present obstacles to an overlooked segment of the population. It's a story of conflict, individuality, hope, and freedom.