Sky Links, 11-14-20

The headwaters of the Allegheny River
The headwaters of the Allegheny River (CC 2.0)

This Election Is Not Over
-Dutch Sheets

Sidney Powell With Lou Dobbs

-Lana Vawser
As I sat this morning with the Lord this morning and seeing the incredible battle that’s taking place over the United States I heard Psalm 2:4 resounding loudly in my spirit:
“He who sits in the heavens laughs,
The Lord scoffs at them.” – (NASB)
I then heard the Lord say “JUSTICE IS MINE” says the Lord. There is going to be a divine demonstration of the justice of God that is going to be seen in the United States of America. The demonstration of the Lord’s power and His justice to “OVERTURN” is upon the United States of America.
“With My mighty hand, I shall overturn the plans of the wicked”
I then heard the words thundering…
“My people, you are about to see a major demonstration of the POWER OF MY PROPHETIC VOICE in the earth”

Encouraging Election Update (11.4.20)
-Rob McCoy

Encouraging Election Update (11.9.20)
-Rob McCoy with Charlie Kirk

Encouraging Election Update (11.10.20)
-Rob McCoy with Charlie Kirk

God Is Not Finished With President Trump
-Dutch Sheets
Dutch Sheets challenges us to pray, and passionately declares that God isn’t finished with President Trump’s assignment for America. He explains why our prayers are important and exposes the erroneous belief that “God will accomplish His purpose even if we don’t pray.” God's will is not automatic; our prayers are critically important. Do NOT give up! Dutch also exhorts us to persevere as long as is necessary—the prize is worth the cost.

Steve Shultz interviews Prophet Charlie Shamp regarding Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court, Washington DC, and much more

Do not resign! We need to Stay together.
-Lou Engle

PBS Newshour did piece on Dominion voting system before the election and what they found was troubling…
“they have set up a complicated system which is centralized; it doesn’t seem to have any safeguards.”
-Harri Hursti

5 Historical Trends That Show It’s Utterly Shocking If Trump Lost In 2020
-J.B. Shurk
If I told you an incumbent president had 52 percent approval on Election Day and ended up winning 10 million more votes than during his first election, would you predict victory? What if 56 percent of voters felt they were better off since the president had entered office? What if you knew that the incumbent had a nearly 30 percent enthusiasm edge over his opponent, or that when asked for whom they thought their neighbors were voting, nearly 10 percent more Americans expected the president to be re-elected than to lose?

With those numbers in mind, wouldn’t you feel pretty confident that the sitting president had, indeed, been re-elected? Alternatively, wouldn’t you consider it an amazing feat if, instead, the president’s challenger was victorious? The improbability of that result should be newsworthy all on its own.

Donald Trump has majority approval. Nearly six in 10 Americans feel better off today than when Barack Obama was in office, and 15 percent more voters pulled the lever for his re-election than in his 2016 victory. These are not the numbers of a losing candidate, yet we’re told Joe Biden managed to prevail.

The media and pollsters, of course, predicted a Biden landslide, not a very narrow squeaker in which Democrats lost in almost every other avenue of government. Considering the following five facts about the election, it’s no wonder Biden failed to achieve a landslide victory.

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Latest ‘Mandalorian’ Shocked Viewers With Action, Adventure, And The Ultimate Name-Drop
-Brad Jackson

Bo-Katan provides us with what is undoubtedly the most exciting moment of this entire television series. She tells Mando to take the child to the city of Caladan on the forest planet of Corvus where he’ll find Ahsoka Tano. Boom! — the ultimate Star Wars name-drop, at least for big fans of the franchise. Now, if you’re only a fan of the mainstream Skywalker Saga movies, you probably have no idea who that is and are wondering why the hell I’m so excited. If you’re a fan of “The Clone Wars” or “Rebels,” however, then you know what a humungous moment this is.

Ahsoka Tano was the Padawan apprentice of Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars. Her story, told through “The Clone Wars” cartoon created by George Lucas and Filoni, makes the Star Wars prequels actually make sense. The sad thing about those movies is that Lucas focused on the wrong things and didn’t do a great job showing us why Anakin went from Jedi to Sith. Ahsoka makes all that clear.

Assigned to Anakin by none other than the real Master Yoda, Ahsoka starts “The Clone Wars” series as an almost obnoxious teenage student. By the end of the war, she has grown to be a very capable warrior, a good friend to Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and a skeptic of the Jedi Order. The Order even expels her when she’s framed for a terrible crime, but what is critical for Mando’s story is what happened at the end of “The Clone Wars.”

In the closing episodes of the series, Ahsoka and Bo-Katan work together to free Mandalore from the control of Darth Maul. She was a liberator of Mandalore and someone Mando must respect when they meet shortly. The Armorer has told him that Mandalorians battled the Jedi, and that was once true, but as Mando is finding out in this episode, the history of his people is much more complicated than he thought. “The Way,” as it were, isn’t quite as clear as he might think.

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