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You (alone), Lord, are my (assigned) portion (inheritance), my cup; you control (hold and contain) (guard) my destiny (my lot, all that is mine).
The property lines have fallen beautifully for me (have fallen for me in pleasant places); yes, I have a lovely (good, wonderful) home (heritage, inheritance), (I am well content with my inheritance).

-Psalm 16:5-6 CEB (AMP, NLT, NEB) 

When you hear the word inheritance, do you think of money or land?  Do you think of the family business?  Or do you experience anguish and loss?  Maybe inheritance, to you, is something experienced by other people, perhaps by rich people.  It hasn't happened for you.  Maybe there was none or someone else took yours.

David, son of Jesse, as the younger brother, might have had no inheritance coming from his parents.  But David had a revelation of a deeper and wider inheritance, that is available to all God's children.  If you are God's child, God is your inheritance.  God's resources are unlimited…

The Signal: The Ensign of God

On that day, the root of Jesse will stand as a signal to the peoples.  The nations will seek him out, and his dwelling will be glorious.
On that day, the Lord will extend his hand a second time to reclaim the survivors of God’s people who are left from Assyria and from Egypt, from Pathros, Cush, Elam, Shinar, Hamath, and from the coastlands of the sea.
God will raise a signal for the nations and gather the outcast men of Israel.  God will collect the dispersed women of Judah from the four corners of the earth.
-Isaiah 11:10-12

There is going to be great clarity in the earth about salvation.

The earth will be like a valley of battle for the souls of humankind.  Up on a mountain or high hill, there is a rallying banner or ensign, that serves as a signal.  That banner or signal is Christ.

Christ, The Lord Jesus Christ, who is the root of Jesse; is the banner, the signal, the ensign of God, beckoning humankind to salvation.

We know that salvation is through Jesus, but somehow tha…

Pushing Back or Letting God Form More of Christ In You?

But these other people's deeds?
I have avoided such violent ways by the command from your lips.

I’m not trying to get my way in the world’s way.
I’m trying to get your way, your Word’s way.
-Psalm 17:4 (CEB, MSG)

Every day, we are thrown into the rat race and if we win, we're still a rat.  Every day the world and other people in the world push against us.  Sometimes, when we are bumped or cut off, we hear, "excuse me", from the other person; but more often, we don't hear that.  Will we push back, lash out, and be destructive; or turn the other cheek?

When we are presented with a challenge, a challenging situation; are we going to do what it takes to get our way or are we going to try to let God get his way?  Are we going to respond to difficulties, trials, or obstacles in the world's way or Gods way?

The world's way is "survival of the fittest" and "the ends justifies the means".  There is a false self-righteousness that believes that…

Majoring On The Majors

I’m praying for them. I’m not praying for the world but for those you gave me, because they are yours.
-John 17:9

Jesus tells His Father, "I am not praying for the world".  Does that mean we are not supposed to pray for the unsaved or what does it mean?  Martin Luther said, "what must be asked for the world is that it may be converted, not that it may be sanctified or kept."  We might get so caught up with the world, that we end up putting energy into getting the world to be better, to behave, to be sanctified; when the truth is that the world is rejecting salvation through Christ.

Today, it is the same.  Jesus is still praying for people who are coming to God through him (Romans 8:34 & Hebrews 7:25).  Jesus prays for the salvation, the sanctification of believers.  Jesus intercedes for those who are his.  We might want to discover what Jesus is praying for us and pray with him.

We know that the Bible says, "God so loved the world that he gave his only S…

Not Offended

Happy are those who don’t stumble and fall because of me.
Blessed is anyone who takes no offense at me.
-Matthew 11:6 (CEB, NET)

Isn’t this the carpenter? Isn’t he Mary’s son and the brother of James, Joses, Judas, and Simon? Aren’t his sisters here with us?” They were repulsed by him and fell into sin.  And they took offense at him.
-Mark 6:3

Are you easily offended?  We get offended when our expectations are not met.  The more self centered we are, the more we have a sense of entitlement.  We might also be governed by should's and ought's and when things don't go as we think they should or ought to, we say, "why?", and the answer to "why?" questions are usually judgemental,  condemning, or shaming.

"Open the eyes of my heart, open the eyes of my heart, I want to see you, I want to see you."

We sing that song and a dozen others that are about transformation.  There were people who could not see Jesus in the gospels.  They didn't get him.  They …

Bring Me Empty Vessels

He said, “Go out and borrow containers from all your neighbors. Get as many empty containers as possible. Then go in and close the door behind you and your sons. Pour oil into all those containers. Set each one aside when it’s full.” She left Elisha and closed the door behind her and her sons. They brought her containers as she kept on pouring.  When she had filled the containers, she said to her son, “Bring me another container.”  He said to her, “There aren’t any more.” Then the oil stopped flowing.
-2 Kings 4:3-6

Are you full of God or full of yourself?  Are you hungry for God or satisfied?

Do you believe that if God blesses you, he will also bless all those around you: your family, your friends and neighbors, your neighborhood, your town, your city, your state, your nation, and the whole world?

Did you know that God's generosity and provision is so abundant that we are usually the ones who limit God?  How do we limit God?  By walking away when God is not through,  by not offe…

Happy Days Are Here Again

Arise! Shine! Your light has come; the Lord’s glory has shone upon you.Though darkness covers the earth and gloom the nations,
the Lord will shine upon you; God’s glory will appear over you.
-Isaiah 60:1-2

In the time ahead, when the world around is in trouble, those who are in Christ will experience joy.  In the time ahead, when the world is falling apart, Christians will come together.

Consider the song, "happy days are here again".

That song was written months before the stock market crashed and world-wide economic depression ravaged the world through the decade of the 1930's.

After the song was released and more and more people became familiar with it, things went from bad to worse for many people, but the popularity of the song grew and spread.

There are times when many people are going through difficulties, even the same difficulties, in common, at the same time.  The Great Depression was one of these times.  Times of natural disaster and man-made disaster can br…